Secrets to Online Selling

Hi there, you have probably landed on our site to browse or search for an item or service you want to buy or sell in the United Kingdom or because you want to sell your car, rent your home, rent a home, buy a home, sell your home or perhaps even searching for your true love. Whatever the reason, the following tips and tricks will make the difference between selling your item within minutes or several days:

1. The Price

People visit from all around the United Kingdom and Ireland because they are searching and want a good deal on what they want to buy. In theory, nothing stops you from advertising your used product for 99% of its original cost price, but this will discourage buyers from even taking time to contact you and start negotiating the a price with you. Its common knowledge that buyers want to pay as little as possible but you as a seller want to get as much as possible. Therefore you will need to carefully price the product so as to make sure the sale is negotiated and the deal is done. As a rule of thumb, you can add 5-10% on top of the lowest possible price of the product.

2. The Pictures

Online shoppers traditionally respond better to images rather than no images. There are several reasons why an advert must always be accompanied by pictures. Firstly, adverts with pictures will attract twice the attention and amount of views, than the adverts without a picture. Secondly, adverts with images convey a message of trust-worthiness, e.g. if you want to sell a house and have not provided images, it is automatically assumed that there is something wrong with it. Therefore good images are quintessential to a successful sale.

3. The Title

The title of the advert is about as important as setting the right price and uploading a great picture. Writing “For Sale” is not enough to encourage a potential buyer to click your advert. Typing a model number that only you and the inventor will understand like “OE2” will not cut it either. Be precise and to the point, e.g. “Bose OE2 headphones for sale”. Don’t add a question in your title, “How would you like to walk away with Bose headphones tonight?” The second statement just sounds like a scam and does not reflect the genuine nature of your ad.

4. The Details

Now, you have managed to get the right price, a great picture and perfect title, now you have written a 200 word essay explaining the product better than the manual itself. You want to capture the interest of the buyer within 30seconds of opening the advert. Again, be specific, precise and to the point. Only list the most important details of your product or service you want to sell. Display on your ad the relevant information that you the seller would want to know if you wanted to buy the product.

Lastly and most importantly, “Do not forget to add your contact details” what good is a well written ad when the buyer cannot contact you. Make sure your contact details are up to date and current.