Safety Tips is committed to creating a user friendly environment where it is easy for our users to post and reply to ads without any concern. There are many things which you should keep in mind to protect yourself and your privacy online. We have compiled a list of resources to help our users of identify and avoid Internet based scams.

  • Do not respond to any ad that offers free goods and asks for you to pay just the shipping,
  • If someone is coming to check out the items you advertised, make sure you're not alone when they arrive,
  • Always try to take someone along with you when you going to meet the buyer or seller personally,
  • Try to meet the buyer or seller in a public place,
  • It's never wise to carry large sums of money around with you,
  • Always inspect the item before making a payment,
  • Always keep a record of the emails and conversations you have with a buyer or seller so you can easily track your progress,
  • Never release your goods until the bank has confirmed that the cheque or bankers draft has been cleared,
  • Never call premium-rate telephone numbers in response to your ads,
  • If you're being paid in cash make sure you check the notes are not counterfeit,
  • Do not pay for transportation costs before receiving goods,
  • Aways use secure payment methods, not money transfer services even if the insists on a money transfer,
  • Use common sense. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is,
  • Never reveal your personal details to someone until you meet them face-to-face and develop a level of trust,
  • Never ever send money to a stranger,
  • Keep your credit card information safe and never disclose it to anyone

Keeping these tips in mind will help make your buying and selling experience here a profitable one.